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Winners of the photo contest “Travelling Through Projects"

28 / 09 / 2020
Category: Programme News

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Cross-border photo contest “Travelling Through Projects”! It was organized within the 2020 European Cooperation Day as well as the 30th Anniversary of INTERREG.

The contest idea was to promote European cooperation by showing the results of the projects implemented (or being implemented) in the Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian areas of the PBU Programme during the last 15 years (three editions of the Programme). The event was intended for family and/or friend groups. The participants' task was to travel to a project and take a common photo with its results/objects (e.g. an amphitheatre, restored historic building, modernized road or equipped museum) in the background.

We have received 37 applications in total. The best and correct photos were taken by the following teams:

From Poland:
Team „Bialbial” – project Tyzenhauz; (PBU2014-2020)
Team „STRAŻ” – project SECINCARP; (PBU2014-2020)

From Belarus:
Team „МЧС” – project "Together we protect the Białowieża Forest"; (PBU2007-2013)
Team „Династия” – project Muchaviec; (PBU2014-2020)

From Ukraine:
Team „ТІЦ” – project "The development of cross-border tourism in partnership"; (PBU2007-2013)
Team „Stepaniuky” – project SafeTraffic; (PBU2014-2020)
Team „Федунята” – project ProtectNature; (PBU2014-2020)
Team „АННА” – project "Modernization of Zoological Gardens in Zamość and Lutsk..."; (PBU2007-2013)
Team „Medialab” – project "Investment in culture...."; (PBU2007-2013)
Team „Мандрівники” – project "Modernization of Zoological Gardens in Zamość and Lutsk..."; (PBU2007-2013)
Team „Windowframe” – project TwoTowers; (PBU2014-2020)

The above-mentioned teams will be awarded 4-person set of attractive tourist gadgets with a total value of approx.100 EUR (including i.a.: tent, blanket, badminton set, power bank and other promotional gadgets).

The winners will be contacted individually to make arrangements for the delivery of prizes.

Congratulations and… see you in our future contests!


“Travelling Through Projects"

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