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Winners of the movie contest “Following the PBU projects"

09 / 10 / 2020
Category: Programme News

We are pleased to announce the winners of our movie contest "Following the PBU projects" organized on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Interreg. To that contest, we invited all those who like to capture reality in films. The task was very simple - to show the projects financed by the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Programme from whatever angles and points of view.  It was just important that our projects or Programme activities play the main role.

We are proud to share the results and indicate the winners. It was a challenging and difficult task. We decided not to grant all the prizes, as some of the movies, although professional and interesting, did not refer to our projects.

In the opinion of the jury, the best videos fulfilling the competition criteria are:

From Poland:
1st place: Ewelina Kamieńska with a film about the Consart project; (PBU2014-2020)

2nd place: Wojciech Cierpisz with a film about the SECINCARP project; (PBU2014-2020)

From Belarus:
1st place: Andriej Soltan with a film about the Programme festivals between 2004-2020

From Ukraine:
1st place: Viktor Prytulko with a film about the BugUnitesUs project; (PBU2014-2020)

2nd place: Aleksandr Nuzhnyj with a film about the project “Stimulation of the tourism development…” ; (PBU2007-2013) 

Each person will receive a set of Programme attractive tourist gadgets, in accordance with the Contest rules, with a total value of approx.115 EUR for the 1st place, and approx. 80 EUR for the 2nd place (including a tent, blanket, badminton set, and other promotional gadgets).

Additionally, the jury decided to give an honourable mention to Eliza Vasilevskaya, a teenager from Belarus, who prepared an interesting film and recorded it with attention to every detail. Natalia will also receive a prize - a set of promotional Programme gadgets.

We will contact the winners individually to arrange the delivery of the prizes.

We thank all participant in the competition and congratulate the winners!

All of you interested in the movie competitions like that, please feel invited to its second edition that will be soon promoted on the Programme website.

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