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Project of the week - Promo2Castles

30 / 10 / 2020
Category: Programme News

The micro-project Promo2Castles “2 Castles: common history, common promotion, an incentive to strengthen cooperation, tourist flows and economic growth” is being implemented within the Polish-Ukrainian partnership. The Lead Beneficiary is the Institute of Regional Development (UA), and the project partners are Pro Arte Et Historia Foundation (PL) and State Historical and Architectural Reserve in Zhovkva (UA).

Project beneficiaries noted that the important events of European history and life of national heroes of Ukrainian, Polish, Belarusian nations are associated with Zhovkva and Krasiczyn Castles. These Castles are of key importance for the socio-economic and cultural development of their cities and regions. The main problem they decided to face in the project was the underused touristic potential of the rich historical heritage of Zhovkva and Krasiczyn.

More about the project you can find here.

Most of the project activities have already been completed. Polish-Ukrainian Cultural Forum in Krasiczyn “The image of the borderland against the background of the life and work of Cardinal Adam Stefan Sapieha” was conducted at the end of 2019. Its goal was to boost the interest of the Polish and Ukrainian residents and tourists in the common history, particularly its prominent, but not well known by the modern generation, figures. The participants learned that Cardinal Sapieha was the spiritual counselor of Pope John Paul's II. During World War II, he ran an underground seminary. The participants took part in the conference, visited the exhibition and a concert of classical music performed by the Polish Royal Opera.

During workshops held at the beginning of 2020 participants improved their competencies in the promotion of Zhovkva historical heritage, established cooperation between heritage managers, local authorities, and NGOs in order to coordinate their efforts and achieve a synergy effect. Within the exchange program from the Lviv region to Poland common heritage was presented. Ukrainian participants learned the Polish experience of restoring and promoting historical sites, creating a tourist product and tourist routes, digitizing the historical and cultural heritage in Poland. They developed cooperation and discussed the joint promotion of the Ukrainian-Polish cultural heritage.

With the wider audience in mind, the website of the Zhovkva State Historical and Architectural Reserve has been modernized. You can find a bunch of interesting information here.


Project of the week-Promo2Castles

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