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Polish-Ukrainian Culture Day – an event within TogetherNow project

25 / 11 / 2020
Category: Project News

On behalf of the TogetherNow project, and its lead beneficiary, the Łęczyński Poviat we cordially invite you to participate in the online event "Polish-Ukrainian Culture Day" in Łęczna on 27th November 2020. The event is organized as part of the project "Together now – common promotion of culture and history of the Łęczna County and the Mykolaiv Raion" and will combine the presentation on historical and cultural heritage of the region and a summary of the project results.

The Polish-Belarusian-Ukrainian borderland is an area of ​​great cultural and historical value. Cultural tourism can therefore be one of the leading sectors of the economy and a source of income for its inhabitants. Many interesting objects of cultural and historical heritage can be found in the Łęczyński Poviat, located approx. 30 km from Lublin and the Mykolaiv Raion, located approx. 30 km from Lviv. What are those cultural objects and what did the partners within the project to use this tourist potential can be learned during the event.


Live broadcast will start at 11.00 am (CET) on YouTube/Łęczyński Poviat Office 

Except for the representatives of the Łęczyński Poviat and the Mikolaiv Raion, the online meeting will also be attended by experts who will share their practical knowledge on tourism development in the cross-border region. Those who will not be able to participate in ‘live’ event can watch the coverage later at any time.

Additionally, the inhabitants of Łęczna are invited to an open-air photo exhibition in front of the Starosty Office in Łęczna, presenting the most important monuments of the Mikolaiv Raion. A similar event will take place in Mikolaiv. Participants will take part in online meeting, broadcasted by the lead beneficiary, taste Polish cuisine and have the opportunity to admire the historical and cultural heritage of the Łęczyński Poviat presented in the photos during the exhibition.

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