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Project of the week - TogetherNow

22 / 12 / 2020
Category: Project News

The micro-project “Together now – common promotion of culture and history of the Łęczna County and the Mykolaiv Region” has recently finished its activities, being the second completed micro-project in the 2014-2020 Programme edition. The Lead Beneficiary was the Łęczyński Poviat (PL), and the project partner was Mykolaiv District Council of Lviv Region (UA).

The Łęczyński Poviat and Mykolaiv Raion have valuable historical monuments, numerous manors and palaces which remind of its former multicultural background. The problem that needed to be solved was the weak image of the region with a low level of tourist interest. The aim of the project partners was to promote and inform about the cultural and historical heritage among local communities and tourists in order to change this negative trend.

More about the project you can find here.

The implementation of the project began on 1st January 2020 and lasted until 31st October 2020. To facilitate tourists access to the monuments, the project first identified and then marked the bicycle routes of cultural and historical significance. Each of the project partners designated one route in its area. Two routes with a total length of approx. 63 km (including approx. 43 km in the Łęczyński Poviat and approx. 20 km in the Mykolaiv Raion) were marked with road signs and information boards. To ensure better access to information about the cultural and historical heritage of the region, tourist products were created, most of them in an attractive online form. A virtual walk around the Łęczyński Poviat was made in the Polish-English version, GPS traces of 4 bicycle routes were collected and became the basis for a mobile tourist application with descriptions of the most important monuments (available in Polish-English and Ukrainian-English language). As part of the activities of the Ukrainian partner, a similar mobile application, with the most important information about cycling routes and a tourist map, was developed. Above-mentioned virtual walk includes about 30 panoramic photos of most important monuments located in the Łęczyński Poviat. The link to the virtual walk can be seen found below.


Moreover, both partners prepared various publications on cultural and historical heritage: guide, tourist map, brochure and album. What is worth mentioning, publications will contain advice on visiting monuments by disabled people. To guarantee wider access, additional tabs on the website and electronic versions of the publications are available. To just present some of them: an album and a guidebook.

Album - a journey through selected cultural and historical heritage sites:


Tourist guide for cyclists:

Finally, an online event "Polish-Ukrainian Culture Day" in Łęczna was organized to combine the presentation on historical and cultural heritage of the region and a summary of the project results. Except for the representatives of the Łęczyński Poviat and the Mikolaiv Raion, the online meeting was also attended by experts who shared their practical knowledge on managing tourism development in the cross-border region. Additionally, the inhabitants of Łęczna had the opportunity to participate in an open-air photo exhibition presenting the most important monuments of the Mikolaiv Raion. A similar event took place in Mikolaiv along with tasting of Polish cuisine.

As a result, a video presentation was created:



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