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Virtual tours on PBU projects

26 / 02 / 2021
Category: Project News

The Programme currently includes over 140 implemented projects. There are particular people behind them, a desire to improve the quality of life, passions, and dreams. Diversified thematically, geographically and in size, they are all connected by cross-border cooperation and financial support from the European Union.  We would like to boast about them and present their achievements. But most of all, we want you to benefit from their results.

Due to existing restrictions on access to various places, it is not always fully possible, so we decided to take you on virtual tours through the projects implemented within the Programme. We will visit 6 project sites on the Polish side of the border and 6 sites on the Belarusian side (later this year we will also virtually go to projects in Ukraine). The projects represent 6 main thematic areas of the Programme - historical heritage, natural heritage, infrastructural accessibility, health, safety, and borders.

The best effect of our virtual tours will be to inspire you for individual trips. When visiting our projects, we encourage you to take photos and record videos. On the Programme website and FB fan page, we will announce competitions dedicated to them. It is worth documenting the memories related to PBU projects.

Virtual Tour on the Polish side of the border - EN version 

Virtual Tour on the Belarusian side of the border - EN version 

These films can be viewed on our YouTube, as well as other language versions and accessible versions of a/m movies

We invite you to virtual tours on PBU projects!

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