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Project of the week - BAMS

Category: Project News

Healthcare institution Brest Regional Pediatric Hospital in partnership with Independent Public Health Care Centre in Łosice is implementing BAMS project “Better Access to Medical Services in the Cross-border Region”. Both hospitals faced the same problems: outdated medical equipment and lack of resources for palliative care. The joint project allowed them to overcome at least part of these problems.

More about the BAMS project, you can find in the Projects tab on our webpage.

What recently has become urgent for both hospitals is the problem of modernization of the system generating and distributing medical gases, primarily the oxygen. The work of intensive care units, operating rooms, palliative beds, and other departments depends on the uninterrupted supply of medical gases.

Brest Regional Pediatric Hospital

As part of the project, the building of the oxygen station in Brest Regional Pediatric Hospital was reconstructed. An oxygen concentrator in the form of an autonomous system was purchased and installed, which ended the hospital’s dependence on the transportation of gas cylinders and their manual installation into the system. The pipelines that carry gas from the station to the interior of the hospital were replaced.
The project partners jointly contribute to the development of palliative care in the pediatric hospital. A special room for the "Club of Relatives" was equipped with necessary furniture and multimedia devices. Here parents of sick children can stay overnight, share experiences with each other and receive psychological assistance.
Moreover, a resuscitation ambulance with special equipment was purchased for the hospital to transport difficult patients to other medical institutions. Two social videos about palliative care are regularly broadcasted on regional TV.
It is planned to attract volunteers to work in the palliative department. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily limited such collaboration.

Independent Public Health Care Centre in Łosice

Independent Public Health Care Centre in Łosice also renovated part of the medical gas pipelines in 13 wards and purchased and installed 13 one-stand over-bed panels and 7 single-bed side panels for connecting medical gases. Thanks to the Programme financing it was possible to purchase a high-class diagnostic ultrasound imaging machine, which allows better diagnosing and detecting heart diseases. The hospital acquired a new digitalisation system for the X-ray and mammography laboratories. With the help of high-tech software, the computed radiography image plate scanner allows obtaining images of very good quality while reducing the radiation dose harmful for those being examined.
In the internal department 15 four-segment, electrically driven hospital beds and 30 anti-decubitus mattresses were purchased. The new beds are safe and comfortable for patients.

People-to-people contacts

An important result of the project was the establishment of friendly and business contacts between the employees of both hospitals. There were two study visits of Belarusian doctors to Łosice and two working meetings in Brest. Several more joint events have been postponed to a later date due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the summer of 2020, both beneficiaries received from the Programme an additional tranche of 136.4 thousand EUR. The funds were used to increase the capacity of hospitals to cope with the pandemic. Thanks to additional financing, the pediatric hospital purchased among others personal protective equipment, sanitizers, and X-ray machine, Independent Public Health Care Centre in Łosice purchased a fogger for disinfecting rooms with a supply of disinfection agents.


The project gave an opportunity to strengthen the material base of both hospitals and thereby expand the range and quality of medical services provided.


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