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Sharing knowledge and experience: Historical and cultural heritage

11 / 06 / 2021
Category: Programme News

Creativity is important in everything we do, but there isn’t always a need to reinvent the wheel. It is worth confronting best practices, taking advantage of the experience of others, especially when we know that they have brought good results.

One of the tasks of the Programme is to collect, share and promote the results of its projects so that they can be used as widely as possible. We call this activity CAPITALISATION.

Within the Programme projects are implemented in six main topics:

  • historical and cultural heritage
  • natural heritage
  • accessibility
  • healthcare
  • security
  • borders

Projects are often similar in their objectives, implementation, and definition of recipients. They take similar challenges and face comparable problems. They can also use similar tools, techniques, and solutions.

Through publications on the Programme website and the organisation of 6 thematic meetings, we want to develop a platform for the exchange of experience and cooperation between units that do not normally interact with each other. The capitalization meetings will feature representatives of our projects, sharing experiences from their preparation, challenges, and implementation. During them, we want to focus not only on the process of achieving the planned results but also on how the projects use them at a later stage in order to increase their impact.

We are already inviting you to the first virtual meeting dedicated to capitalisation. We are organising it around historical and cultural heritage projects, but it will also address issues of tourism, leisure, entertainment and community activation.

The meeting will take place via the Zoom platform on 23rd of June 2021 at 10:00 (Warsaw time) and will be translated simultaneously into Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

Everyone interested in this topic is welcomed to register via the registration form. Registration will be open until 21st of June.

We will organize the next capitalisation meetings on other topics after the holidays. We are already inviting you to them.

See you on 23rd of June!

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