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Implementation training for LIPs and PBU1

06 / 07 / 2021
Category: Programme News

We invite Polish Beneficiaries of regular and large infrastructure projects to participate in training on project implementation.
It will be dedicated to the most crucial issues concerning project implementation e.g. reports, changes in the projects, closure of the projects, etc.

Training will be held on 20th July 2021 in Lublin (Hotel Focus Premium, ul. Podzamcze 1)
The agenda is available here.
To register please fill in the Registration Form. Registration is open till 13th July.
Training will be conducted in Polish language only.


Please register max. 2 persons from the beneficiary's institution. As we have a limited number of places, the order of applications decides to qualify.
Filling in the registration form is not tantamount to participation in the training. After completing the full registration process, each participant will receive an e-mail with confirmation of participation.

All trainings organized by the JTS are financed from the EU sources and the participation is free of charge. We provide participants with meals (according to the program) and, if necessary, hotel accommodation. Participants are not entitled to a refund of travel expenses.

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