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Micro-projects brochure

19 / 07 / 2021
Category: Programme News

With great pleasure, we present the micro-projects brochure, which at the same time closes the collection of three publications, each devoted to a different category of projects: Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs), Regular projects and finally Micro-projects. The collection provides an insight into cross-border cooperation projects and the actions financed by the Programme – their scope and expected results.

The Micro-projects brochure summarizes the activities of the 89 signed micro-projects with a brief description of their objectives and presents the most relevant data including funding, localization and partners involved. Soon, followed by the English version, the micro-projects brochure will also be available in Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

The link to the brochure can be found below. It can be also downloaded from the ‘Library tab’ of this website.

We encourage you to read.

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