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Holidays with PBU projects – Drohiczyn (PL), Lojeŭ in Dniepra-Sožski Reserve (BY), Peremut and Luky lakes (UA)

05 / 08 / 2021
Category: Project News

Summer is the great chance to visit places related to PBU projects. This time, put on a bathing suit, because we invite you to relax and actively spend time by the lakes and the river.



The BugUniteUs project invites everyone to a catamaran cruise on the Bug River near Drohiczyn to admire the beautiful landscapes. The catamaran runs every Saturday and Sunday (also during the week after prior appointment) throughout the summer until the end of September. The journey takes approximately half an hour and is free of charge.
For more information, see the poster below.

Information about the BugUniteUs project.



Together with the NaturEduTour project, we invite you to the village of Lojeŭ, located south of Homiel, take a ferry across the Dnieper to the Dniepra-Sožski Reserve. Here you can meet a fox, see rare bird species and unique in Europe butterflies, visit relict oak forests and old pine forests, climb the dunes and see the Lojeŭ geological outcrop – a true chronicle of the Earth that has preserved the memory of the glacier age. Additionally, you can get acquainted with wild-honey farming. Here you will see a beekeeping instrument, drink tea with honey, listen to the stories, ancient legends, and beliefs that this region is so rich in.

Information about the NaturEduTour project.  



Together with the 4_Seasons project, we invite you to explore the water tourist trail, "On the swan's wings". It is located on the Shatsk Lakes in Volyn. Along the route, you can visit Peremut and Luky lakes, the floating Island of Desires, the garden of water lilies, as well as go through the maze of 23 smaller islands. During your trip, you will be followed by a swan, the true ruler of the land of lakes.
To arrange your trip, contact Shatsk National Natural Park in 61 Zhovtneva St., Svitiaz village, Shatsk raion; phone: (068) 626 87 43.

Information about the 4_seasons project.  



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