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This is not science fiction!

02 / 11 / 2021
Category: Programme News

On October 28th, we met with beneficiaries and supporters of the PBU Programme at a hybrid annual event entitled "CBC 2021 – this is not science fiction!".

The event motto was not chosen by chance. In 2021, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Stanisław Lem, a Polish writer and futurologist, for a long time associated with Lviv. Many of us associate his character with modern technologies, without the participation of which we cannot imagine the implementation of medical projects or those related to security. There is also another dimension of the slogan, directly concerning the Programme – projects that until recently we knew mainly from the point of view of assumptions, today bring measurable effects that we can boast of. They raise the standard of living of residents of border areas Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

The event was opened by Ewa Termena-Chyży representing the Ministry of Economic Funds and Regional Policy and Leszek Buller, Director of the Center of European Projects, within which the Joint Technical Secretariat of the PBU Programme (JTS) operates:

Despite the difficult conditions in which we have to work in the last several months, the Programme does not slow down, we are in an advanced phase of implementation, we observe the first effects of the implemented projects, and at the same time we are also thinking about the future and working on the next edition of the Programme - said Ewa Termena-Chyży.

A new perspective is being prepared, so you need to continue thinking about how to cooperate with each other, cooperate, and these previous experiences show that you can do it - continued Director Leszek Buller.

The conference took place in the Lviv region, so representatives of the local authorities could not be missing. Roman Shepelyak, Director of the Department of International Technical Assistance and International Cooperation of the Lviv Regional State Administration, summed up the contribution of the Programme to the development of the region:

Today, thanks to the implementation of the Programme, 40 international technical assistance projects are being implemented in the Lviv region with a total budget of about 30 million euros on the Ukrainian side.

It is significant that the year 2021, the year of Stanisław Lem, under whose patronage today's conference takes place and the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous Lviv citizen, we celebrate together in our countries – noted Tomasz Kowal, Head of the Department for Political and Economic Affairs of the Consulate General of Poland in Lviv.

In the further part, Andrzej Słodki, Head of the JTS, presented the current state of implementation of the Programme, which protects and promotes cultural and natural heritage, improves transport infrastructure and the operation of border crossings, as well as improves the state of health care and public safety.

The above activities not only have a positive impact on economic, environmental and cultural development, but also create conditions for communication and involvement of residents of the border areas of our countries - summed up Andrzej Słodki.

We also talked about key aspects of the Programme’s future and its new edition for 2021-2027.

We hosted about 100 (as befits the 100th anniversary of the birth of Stanisław Lem) participants at the conference site in Truskavets (Ukraine) and about 50 in the online formula. The event was an excellent opportunity to share experiences and ideas for future projects. This was facilitated by backstage talks and joint visits to PBU projects implemented in the Carpathians. 

We invite you to watch the videos displayed during the event, links to them below:

Stanisław Lem - PL

Stanisław Lem - UA

From PBU projects

Cultural and historical heritage

Natural heritage


Health care



See you at the next events organized as part of the Programme!


CBC 2021 - this is not science fiction

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