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Year of Youth

03 / 02 / 2022
Category: Programme News


The 2022 has been announced by the European Union as the European Year of Youth (EYY). The initiative highlights the importance of youth stronger presence in policy and decision making. The EYY will be the opportunity to share vision and ideas and shall bring closer dreams and hope of young people about our common future.

In context of PL-BY-UA Programme implementation, we are sure, that voice of youth and their stronger involvement could positively impact cooperation between European Union and its neighbours, particularly cooperation between our three countries. For that reason, we have been addressing youth in our activities for many years now with contests, meetings, ECDay campaign for schools or cross-border virtual lessons. In addition to them, for 2022 we planned Wandering Academy – a cycle of free lectures on the PBU Programme and practical exercises on preparing EU projects which are organised by the Programme Branch Offices at the universities located in the area. Still in February we will also launch this year ECDay campaign for schools.  

We strongly encourage Programme beneficiaries, local and regional authorities and all other organizations of the Programme area to involve youth wherever and whenever possible in everyday activity. Some forms of that involvement might be meetings, dialogs and volunteering. That can be a good opportunity to learn from each other, share visions, undertake common actions and, in the end, create better world around us.


Let’s make youth voice to be heard! 


You can also join launched European activities and show your participation in the initiative using a hashtag #EuropeanYearOfYouth.

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