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PBU in Numbers: 47 Heritage sites

08 / 06 / 2022
Category: Project News

The PL-BY-UA Programme supports the preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage of the Polish-Belarusian and Polish-Ukrainian borderlands (Programme thematic objective HERITAGE, priority 1.1. Promotion of local culture and history). The aims of that activity are to strengthen the cultural links and cooperation between the local communities, to build regions’ attractiveness and develop cross border tourism.

Under the Programme:

  • 26 supported projects are dedicated specifically to improve cultural and historical heritage sites (10 of them have been already completed);
  • Beneficiaries of these projects will receive in total 18.3 M EUR of financial support from the Programme.


     47  heritage sites

As a result of these projects 47 cultural and historical sites were improved. They include historical buildings and monuments, tourist routes, newly created but also adopted tourist infrastructure, for example:

  • historical buildings related to Antoni Tyzenhaus (project TYZENHAUS);
  • Monastery in Węgrów (project TwinMonasteries);
  • Czartoryski Tower in Lutsk (UA) and Gothic Tower in Lublin (project TwoTowers);
  • Pidkamin Monastery Church (UA) (project CBCPilgrim)

Also as a result of these 26 projects:

  • 24 new tourist products will be created;
  • 12 new services will be created to protect the cultural heritage and promote local culture;
  • 44 publications describing cultural and historical heritage will be prepared and published;
  • 13 promotion and information campaigns will be organized to promote heritage in the regions.

Thanks to all 73 projects implemented under priority 1.1. Promotion of local culture and history, the number of visitors to the historical heritage and cultural sites addressed in these projects shall increase by almost 14%.

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