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Time for results: How did the Goths live and who were they?

31 / 10 / 2023
Category: Programme News

We invite you to follow the results of the joint work of Polish and Ukrainian partners within the PBU Programme, made possible thanks to co-funding from the European Union.

The archaeological heritage associated with the sojourn of an ancient Goth tribe on both sides of the Bug River in the Volynian Upland was the impetus for an unprecedented and innovative way of establishing and strengthening cooperation between two local authorities – the city of Volodymyr (UA) and the municipality of Hrubieszów (PL). The oldest history and archaeology of the modern Ukrainian-Polish borderland, which is the main subject of the implemented project, became an educational, tourist, entertainment and scientific value. It made it possible to show our common roots, which go back to ancient times, the 2nd to 5th century AD, and at the same time enabled the development of institutions responsible for popularising cultural values ­– the Museum in Volodymyr and the open-air museum "Goths’ Village in Masłomęcz".

The micro-project "Gothic Path: a joint historical reconstruction and virtual journey to the past" (acronym GothicWay) was implemented by the Executive Committee of the Volodymyr City Council (UA) in cooperation with the Hrubieszów Commune (PL).

A general description of the GothicWay project can be found under 'Projects'.

In order to popularise the museums of the Ukrainian-Polish border region and improve the reproduction of the common historical heritage of the Gothic tribes in an accessible and attractive form, the partners renovated the Volodymyr Historical Museum and the museum "Goths’ Village in Masłomęcz".


Museum staff created a room for Goths’ culture, for which they purchased an interactive touch panel and modern equipment:

  • a 3D map of Goths’ settlements in Europe. The map shows the location of the Goth tribes and their description;
  • a Goths’ village model – a miniature of the Goths’ village in Masłomęcz. It shows Goth architecture, artefacts and landscape in detail. This allows visitors to experience the time and place in which the Goths lived.
  • 2 virtual 3D models of tribal warriors. The first warrior is dressed in typical battle armour, with a weapon and shield in his hands. The second is a warrior on the hunt, with appropriate equipment and leather clothing.
  • a virtual 3D model of a Goth house and its facade. The model depicts an interior of a Goth house, as well as the corresponding external and natural environment. The model shows the history, features, architectural peculiarities of residential buildings and the lifestyle of people of a bygone era.

Open-Air Goths’ Village in Masłomęcz

In order to increase the attractiveness of the Masłomęcz tourist offer, the Polish partner of the project prepared 2 virtual 3D models of tribal inhabitants of both sexes, based on the appearance of Goths from the Hrubieszów region. The effects of the work can be seen on the virtual tour.

A virtual tour of the Goths’ Village was prepared with the participation of a group of reenactors (the Goths’ Village Association of Masłomęcz) – a tour entitled "Journey to the Past". Visitors to the village can read descriptions of buildings, ancient crafts or archaeological finds and feel like real Goths for a moment.


In July 2022, more than 200 reenactors and more than 1,500 visitors took part in the Archaeological Fest "Gothic Way – Journey to the Past" at the Goths’ Village in Masłomęcz. The first day was a day of preparation and workshops of ancient crafts and exchange of experiences between the reenactors.

On the second day, the organisers presented everyday life in ancient times, ancient crafts, cuisines and costumes, organised games for children and young people, and prepared demonstrations of Goth warriors, their customs and rituals. They also presented Roman legions and gladiators. Participants were able to take part in workshops of ancient crafts: pottery, weaving, Roman/barbarian games, archery, coin making, glass jewellery.


In March 2023, an international scientific conference "Gothic Way – Joint Historic Journey to the Past" was held in the city of Volodymyr. The conference was attended by 100 people, including 20 scientists from Ukraine and Poland, who specialise in the study of the history of the Goth tribes, their material and spiritual culture. The meeting was accompanied by a lively discussion of scientists.


The event, entitled "Family Weekend at the Museum", was aimed at presenting the results of the project, as well as promoting family recreation with culture and local history. Using interactive museum tools, visitors were able to view exhibitions and gain new knowledge of historical facts in an accessible and interesting form.

On the other hand, for two days in June 2023, the Volodymyr Historical Museum hosted the "Family Visit to the Museum". The event was attended by around 100 young history enthusiasts aged 9 to 12 from local schools. At the beginning, the participants were invited to an exhibition room dedicated to the Goths. Presenting a model of a Goths’ settlement, a museum employee introduced them to the history of the Goth tribes, daily life, customs and culture. Using a touchscreen purchased for the Museum as part of the project, the event participants were transported back to the time of the Goths, and watched an animated film and a magical fairy tale.

The children had the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge they had acquired through hands-on experience by participating in an exciting expedition with interesting tasks that took place in various picturesque locations. At these locations, the actresses and actors of the "Riznobarvya" Folk Theatre Studio, dressed in Goth costumes, were waiting for them. During the expedition, participants drew, made plasticine models, created maps, wove bead ornaments and tried their skills at darts.

The scientific papers of the participants of the International Scientific Conference "Gothic Way – Joint Historic Journey to the Past" have been collected and organised in a publication. The scientific collection is called "Gothic Way. A Joint Historic Reconstruction and Virtual Journey to the Past".


Multimedia animation "Life of the Goths" – a soundtracked film reflecting a virtual reconstruction of daily life, battles, details of life and ceremonies, ritual activities of the Goth tribes. To complete the picture of the everyday life of the Goths, the film also shows a visualisation of the interior of a Goth house.


The multimedia animation for children "Magic Goth Tale" is a feature animation created in an attractive form for children, featuring fabulous 2D characters. The film includes reproductions of buildings, people, animals and natural phenomena from the period, which makes the storyline even more interesting. The film enables children and young people to learn history through an exciting and attractive multimedia product.


The information film summarises the results of the project and describes the accumulated heritage of the Goth tribes in the Polish-Ukrainian border area and in Europe. The film is based on the project's multimedia products and a package of scientific and historical information developed by historians. It contains materials and data reflecting the archaeological heritage of the Goth tribes in north-western Ukraine, Poland and Europe. It also includes all the scientific information collected and photographs presented on both sides of the border. The film was recorded on DVD which will enable it to be screened for educational purposes in educational and social institutions in Poland and Ukraine.


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