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The International Conference on capitalization of the PBU results was held in Lutsk

17 / 05 / 2024
Category: Programme News

Looking back on the previous Programme perspective, we reflect on what we have achieved and what we have learned. At this point we are able to assess the impact of the implemented projects and the effects they had on the cross-border regions of Poland and Ukraine. Our International Conference “Capitalization of the effects of projects implemented on the Polish-Ukrainian border in the EU Financial Perspective 2014-2020” held on 8-11 May 2024 in Lutsk (Ukraine) provided an opportunity to discuss and summarize this experience. The event was hosted by Lutsk National Technical University.

Everything you are going to say during these days is valuable for us – your analysis, your summaries, your conclusions – as they will lay the groundwork for future. – emphasized Dr. Leszek Buller, the Director of the Center of European Projects in his welcome word.

The Conference brought together project representatives and academics, facilitating both internal and external perspectives on the Programme implementation. The projects’ representatives offered attendees hands-on experience and deeper insights into specific topics such as preserving and promoting common heritage, increasing security, strengthening the borders, making the areas more accessible, helping to overcome the challenges caused by the war. The scientists analyzed the impact the projects had on different aspects of life in the cross-border areas, in particular, solving the challenges on a local level and the changing role of self-governments in development processes.

The most rewarding aspect of the event was seeing the projects’ results during the visits to the Lutsk-based projects. The Czartoryski Tower and the wall of the Okolnyi Castle, together with the cellars, which have been restored within TwoTowers project and turned into an attractive museum space, unveiled the forgotten pages of the city’s history and made a huge impact on city’s cultural life. The infrastructure of the training complex for rescuers with specialized exercisers and simulation facilities created within COORDINATION project helped to improve the rescuers’ professional skills and increase effectiveness of rescue operations.

The Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland–(Belarus)–Ukraine 2014–2020 provided a significant resource for joint initiatives implementation, which made Volyn oblast safer and more accessible, helped to preserve its unique and original culture. Only through well-established cooperation the neighbouring countries such as of Poland and Ukraine will be able to achieve common goals. – said Olena Behal, the Head of Division for International Technical Assistance in Lutsk Oblast State Administration.

In total, the Conference was attended by 90 people. The scientific papers will be published following the Conference, which will include the selected articles by the attendees.

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