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Project of the week – ROAD

04 / 04 / 2019
Category: Project News

ROAD is another project that we present in the cycle "Project of the week". The project “Improvement to the capacity, control and security of the road border crossing in Kuźnica Białostocka” is implemented under the Thematic Objective Borders. Its leader is the Podlaski Voivode and the project partner is the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus in Mińsk.

The road border crossing point Kuźnica Białostocka - Bruzgi was opened in 1990. It is the strategic border crossing point with the Republic of Belarus on the Polish border and is intended for passenger and freight traffic. The border crossing point is a part of the national road No. 19. Due to the large number of checked-in trucks, passenger cars, buses and travellers it is necessary to reconstruct the communication system connecting two border cities (Kuźnica Białostocka - on the Polish side and Bruzgi - on the Belarusian side). Activities planned to carry out under the project are aimed at improving the service of the border crossing, as well as increasing the safety of the border check-in.

At the border crossing point in Kuźnica Białostocka, the existing communication system will be enlarged and broadened from two existing road lanes - entry and exit lanes to four lanes (in both directions). For the needs of the Border Guard, the guardhouse will be built. There will be built also new pavements, fences and the necessary technical infrastructure (sanitary, electrical and teletechnical installations and closed-circuit television and roads).

Modernization will significantly improve the checks, thanks to which the control of persons waiting for crossing the border will be speeded up, as well as the security will be also increased. According to the assumptions, due to the implementation of the project, the average time of vehicles service will decrease from 8 to 5 minutes.

The project started on 11th July 2018. After time-consuming tender procedure, on 12th February  2019, the lead beneficiary - the Podlaski Voivode signed the contract with the contractor for construction works planned in the project. During the settlement, there is also the public procurement procedure regarding an external supervision of the investment. Disassembly and connection works are currently in progress. The works are carried out in accordance with the schedule. The deadline for the completion of the construction works on the border crossing point is settled for March 2020.

According to the grant contract, the ROAD project should be completed by 10th July 2020.

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Project ROAD

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