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Large Infrastructure Projects

According to Art. 2 (p) of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 897/2014 of 18th August 2014 laying down specific provisions for the implementation of cross-border cooperation programmes financed under Regulation (EU) No 232/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council establishing a European Neighbourhood Instrument (IR),Large Infrastructure Projects (LIPs)  mean “projects comprising a set of works, activities or services intended to fulfil an indivisible function of a precise nature pursuing clearly identified objectives of common interest for the purposes of implementing investments delivering a cross-border impact and benefits and where a budget share of at least EUR 2.5 million is allocated to acquisition of infrastructure”.

According to Art. 41 of the IR, LIPs are selected through a direct award procedure. It means that support within this procedure is awarded:

  • to bodies with a de jure or de facto monopoly in a specific field;
  • for actions with specific characteristics that require a particular type of body based on its technical competence, high degree of specialization or administrative power.

For these purposes, de jure or de facto monopoly means that the beneficiary (which also may be a consortium):

  • has, pursuant to any applicable law, an exclusive competence in the field of activity and/or geographical area to which the grant relates; or
  • is, by virtue of all considerations of fact and law, the only organization operating or capable of operating in the field of activity and/or geographical area to which the grant relates.

The LIPs under the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020 (Programme) have been selected and accepted by the Joint Programming Committee (JPC) before submitting the Joint Operational Programme (JOP) to the European Commission (EC). The  list of all LIPs proposed for selection without the open call for proposals is included in the JOP. 18 such projects were identified (10 on the main list and 8 on the reserve list). The selected projects concern: the improvement and development of transport services and infrastructure, common security challenges, support of efficiency and security of borders, health care and promotion of local culture and history in the Programme eligible area.

The projects proposed for selection without the CfPs  are approved by the EC based on a two-step procedure consisting in the submission of a project summary followed by a full application form.  For each step, the EC shall notify its decision to the Managing Authority (MA) within two months of the document submission date. This deadline may be extended where necessary. Where the EC rejects a proposed project, it shall notify the MA of its reasons.

Following the JPC decision, taken in accordance with the Art. 38 of the IR, a maximum of 30% of the EU allocation for the Programme shall be dedicated to the direct LIPs’ award procedure. A total of € 52.07 million is foreseen for their implementation under the Programme.

A list of Large Infrastructural Projects can be found at the link

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