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2nd Call for Proposals - CLOSED

2nd Call for Proposals - Closed

Programme Manual. 2nd Call for Proposals (file type: ZIP; size: 7,63 MB)  
Template of the Application Form (pdf file)  is presented for informational purposes only. Application Form must be filled in via the e-application (generator), that will be soon available on our website.

Grant Contract_Partnership agreement_templates_PL (file type: ZIP; size: 571 KB)

Grant Contract_Partnership agreement_templates_RUS (file type: ZIP; size: 603 KB)

Grant Contract_Partnership agreement_templates_UA (file type: ZIP; size: 646 KB)

Metrics of the Programme output and result indicators - Heritage (file type: PDF; size: 0,68 MB)

Application Form generator (v.2.2) (file type: ZIP; size: 83,4 MB)

Instruction of filling in the Application Form (file type: PDF; size: 1,32 MB)

Editable attachments

Evaluation and Assessment Manual PBU 2

Project Selection Committee - Rules of Procedures PBU2

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