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Water Recources Administration of the Rivers Basin of the Western Bug and the San

Organisation name in national language

Басейнове управління водних ресурсів річок Західного Бугу та Сяну


Rodyny Krushelʹnytsʹkykh, 14, str.
79017 Lviv





Lviv Oblast


1.2 Promoting access to water and sustainable water management

Legal status of organisation

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Roman Tutskyi / Tetiana Zhyla

Position/function within the organisation

chief / economist


+38 (032) 275-10-28

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Project idea (in English)

• Improvement the efficiency and effectiveness of monitoring of water bodies and surface water objectives quality. The main goals: detection of point sources of water pollution, flood protection; • Creation of water geoinformation portal of Lviv region; • Reconstruction of flood protection equipment; • Promotion of sustainable use of water resources and sustainable water management, as well as awareness rising on the sensitive issues of the wide range of stakeholders and inhabitants of the Programme area; • Development of River Basin Management Plan; • Water bodies revitalization; • Investigation of restoration of wetlands in the rivers basins of the Western Bug and the San;

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