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Moje Zakarpattia

Organisation name in national language

ГО "Моє Закарпаття"


Україна, Закарпатська область, місто Ужгород, проспект Свободи 52 -22
88000 Ужгород





Zakarpattya Oblast


3.1 Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation

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public administration

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Project idea (in English)

The subject of the application is closely related to priority 1.1 Promoting local culture and history. The purpose of our research in the project is to collect the authentic recipes of the Transcarpathian and Polish cuisine and to give a complete picture of the gastronomic past, and to issue a guide book "Tastes of the Carpathians". The relevance of the project is that it stimulates the traditional way of life of the local population, its revival and promotes well-being, encourages to support and reproduce ethno-cultural traditions and share the experience of the older generations with young people. Taking it all into account, we consider it important and urgent to conduct monitoring studies, masters' seminars, youth seminars aimed at restoration, promotion of the authentic cuisine and related historical features of the Carpathian region, as an embodiment of the traditions of the Carpathian population. The purpose is to conduct a study of the traditions and preparation of the authentic Polish and Transcarpathian dishes, to keep record of the recipes of the preparation and historical

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