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Non-governmental organization «Ethno museum of culture and everyday life master classes».

Organisation name in national language

Громадська організація "Етно музей культури та побуту в майстер-класах""


Львівська обл. С Підгородці вул. І Франка 19 а
82612 с.Підгородці





Lviv Oblast


3.1 Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation

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public administration

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Project idea (in English)

Reproduction of the 19th century museum room of the largest menagerie owner in Europe, who lived and worked in the village of Pidhorodtsi in Galicia. The very territory where the room is planned to be recreated - is a historical place, where the naturalist lived and worked. Nowadays the ethno-complex "U Dvori" is located in this area. "U Dvori" consists of a mini hotel and the Museum of Boyko Culture and Life. The creation of the room exposition of Stanislav Konstantyn Petruskyi, who was a prominent naturalist in Galicia.

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