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Regional Office of Water Resources in Volyn region

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Регіональний офіс водних ресурсів у Волинській області


вул. 8 Березня, 1 м. Луцьк, Волинська область
43005 Луцьк





Volyn Oblast


1.2 Promoting access to water and sustainable water management

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Роман Євліков

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Project idea (in English)

1.Improvement of the hydrological regime of waters of the Western Bug River in Lublin Voivodeship, the Republic of Poland and Volyn region, Ukraine.The main goals: оbservation of the Western Bug river channel for detecting flooded and fallen trees, determination of the scope and cost of tree removal works; determination of the need for technical equipment and its purchase for clearing works. Implementation of river channel clearing works. 2.The "Common Waters" project is the creation of a cross-border system to prevent the negative impact of intensive agriculture on the quality of waters of the Western Bug River on the territory of Lublin Voivodeship of the Republic of Poland and Volyn Region of Ukraine. The main goal: - providing high-quality water to the communities of the Bug and Vistula basins. 3.Creation of joint educational and advisory centers of consolidation of water andland resources located within the territories of the Program in Ukraine and the Republic of Poland. Goal: implementation of common principles of advisory activity in the border areas of the Western Bug.

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