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Synevyr National Nature Park

Organisation name in national language

Національний природний парк "Синевир"


Закарпатська область, Хустський район, с. Синевир, 1626
90041 Синевир





Zakarpattya Oblast


1.1 Promoting climate change adaptation, and disaster risk prevention and resilience, taking into account eco-system based approaches

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Yurii Tiukh

Position/function within the organisation

Deputy Director for Scientific Work




Project idea (in English)

Taking measures to form sustainable natural ecosystems and prevent the development of natural disasters in the Synevyr National Nature Park. Project idea: To minimize the negative impact of abiotic, biotic and anthropogenic factors on the formation and development of sustainable ecosystems. Floods, mudflows, and forest fires are among the factors contributing to the development of natural disasters. Therefore, a number of measures are proposed in the most affected areas, including: 1. Water supply systems (installation and repair of drops, retaining walls to regulate the channel of water bodies, restoration of floodplain ponds, installation of filtration nets for household waste, etc.) 2. Creation of sustainable plantations in the areas of ore-sygethal complexes, stone placers, mudflows and landslides, and the upper forest boundary. 3. Take measures to prevent spruce plantations from drying out (laying out of catcher trees, installation of pheromone traps to protect the forest from pests). 4. Construction and repair of fire roads and establishment of fire stations.

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