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Irshava City Council of Zakarpattia Oblast

Organisation name in national language

Іршавська міська рада, Закарпатська область


пл. Народна, буд. 2
90100 Іршава





Zakarpattya Oblast


1.3 Enhancing protection and preservation of nature, biodiversity and green infrastructure, including in urban areas, and reducing all forms of pollution

Legal status of organisation

public administration

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Name & surname

Оксана Меренич

Position/function within the organisation

Начальник відділу економічного розвитку та інвестицій Іршавської міської ради




Project idea (in English)

Our project aims to construct an eco-educational center within the territory of the "Enchanted Land" National Nature Park, located in our community. The project involves building wooden houses in the forest area of 1.7 hectares, providing suitable living conditions for international students. Within this complex, we plan to organize events for exchanging experiences between Ukrainian students and students from neighboring countries bordering Zakarpattia region, focusing on nature conservation, ecology, biodiversity preservation, and ethnography. A priority is also given to sustainable forest management based on natural forestry principles by establishing resilient forest stands around primeval and ancient forests, which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. The tasks include establishing monitoring areas and implementing nature conservation measures with the aim of replacing derivative spruce forest stands with native beech forest stands, utilizing principles of close-to-nature forestry (based on scientific research).

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