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"Living with autism" Foundation

Organisation name in national language

Fundacja "Żyć z autyzmem"


ul. Truskawkowa 22
20-142 Lublin





Podlaskie Voivodeship


2.1 Ensuring equal access to health care and fostering resilience of health systems, including primary care, and promoting the transition from institutional to family-based and community-based care

Legal status of organisation

non-governmental organisation (NGO)

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Name & surname

Halina BarbaraSiekierzyńska

Position/function within the organisation

Prezes Zarządu Fundacji





Project idea (in English)

The Living with Autism Foundation has purchased a plot for the construction of a house with assisted flats for 12 severely disabled people with autism spectrum disorders. These people, after the death of their parents/guardians, are unable to lead an independent life and are condemned to institutional care in the form of Nursing Homes, completely not adapted to care for people with this disability. Bearing in mind the urgent need to deinstitutionalize care resulting from the Charter of Rights of the OzN, the Foundation wants to build a building with independent apartments for the disabled /20m2 room with kitchenette + 5m2 bathroom/, where with the support of specialists they will be able to lead an independent life to the best of their abilities. In the building, apart from apartments, there will also be a common space for residents, rooms for supporting staff and facilities for therapy, rehabilitation, activation, developing passions and interests, social integration and preparation for work.

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