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Increasing of access to health services in Krosno and Uzhhorod





Project type

Regular project






3.1 Support to the development of health protection and social services




City of Krosno (Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland)


Executive Committee of Uzhhorod City Council (Zakarpattya Oblast, Ukraine)
Fund of Transborder Cooperation Development (Zakarpattya Oblast, Ukraine)

TOTAL BUDGET 824 339.72 € ENI CO-FUNDING 770 914.45 €
DURATION 62 months 12.10.2018 - 11.12.2023

Project description

The current challenge that Krosno and Uzhhorod communities have to face is progressing degradation of mental and physical health among young people as well as social ignorance in the scope of health. The reports conducted in the last few years show, that more than 30% of patients have sight or posture defects, while 57% of people 18+ have cardiovascular diseases. Insufficient financial funds for prevention cause low health awareness among residents of the Polish-Ukrainian border area.

The HealthyCities project is focused on supporting both regions with health proactive campaign as detection of first symptoms will enable to prevent diseases at the very early stage. One of its main activities will be screening of the population in Krosno and Uzhhorod – among others posture, eyes and cardiac (ECG) tests will be performed at schools in the cities. Moreover, cardiovascular examinations for adults will be conducted in Krosno, as well as hearing and allergy tests for children and adolescents in Uzhhorod. Next project initiative foresees equipping the school doctors' rooms on the Ukrainian side, while Polish schools will gain new first-aid and gymnastics devices. The educational campaigns will be spread in both countries as well: first-aid workshops, promotion of physical exercises, lectures for teenagers on prevention of addictions and the ability to cope with difficult situations. Publication of newspaper advertisements, web articles and short spots on local radio will strengthen the message.

Comparative analysis in Krosno and Uzhhorod will allow to undertake appropriate activities increasing the access to healthcare services among residents. The medical personnel dealing with health programs will have an excellent opportunity to exchange know-how, what in the future will reduce differences in this regard in public health on both sides of the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Project news

12 12 / 05 / 2020

Project of the week - HealthyCities

The HealthyCities project aims at improvement of physical and mental health among children, adolescents and the elderly...

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