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Discover culture of the Cross-border region PL-UA





Project type







1.1 Promotion of local culture and history




Perechyn City Council (Zakarpattya Oblast, Ukraine)


Communal Culture Center of the Leżajsk Comune (Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland)
Municipal Institution Local Etnographic Museum of Perechyn (Zakarpattya Oblast, Ukraine)

TOTAL BUDGET 59 650.00 € ENI CO-FUNDING 53 685.00 €
DURATION 14 months 01.09.2020 - 31.10.2021

Project description

The cultural and historical heritage of Transcarpathia and Subcarpathia is unbelievably rich. This applies, in particular, to Perechyn (Ukraine) with the Lemko culture and Leżajsk (Poland) with Lasowiacy. They have developed long-lasting traditions which have great touristic potential. Unfortunately, they are not recognized at the international or even national level, especially among young people. The aim of the project is to improve tourist attractiveness of these areas through the promotion of the Lemko and Lasowiacy unique cultural heritage.

The EtnoTour project will develop tourism in the border areas of Poland and Ukraine, drawing on the rich traditions and cultural heritage of the above-mentioned culture groups. This will be achieved by creating the Lemkos and Lasowiacy website, organizing conferences, exhibitions, traditional craft workshops, followed by a promotion campaign held simultaneously in Poland and Ukraine. In addition, there will be two historical photo exhibitions. The project partners plan to develop a concept of the Local Ethnographic Museum of Perechyn, as well as to organize trainings for museum managers in Zakarpattya Oblast. The best way to preserve and popularize the local culture and expand new generations of culture-admires is to engage children and youth by creating art school education and dedicated programs. Therefore it is planned to establish four traditional craft clubs which will offer ethnographic lessons held on the basis of the museum and the centre of culture.

The EtnoTour project will create an opportunity to develop ethno-cultural tourism in the border areas of Poland and Ukraine. The local communities of Perechyn and Leżajsk will benefit from the implementation of the project and will get a chance to explore, study and preserve their culture. Tourists will be able to engage in new attractions and gain experience while culture and tourism actors will use the opportunities of networking, development of common initiatives and promotion.

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