Interreg 30



Project of the week - EcoChem

Rescuers from Siemiatycki Poviat and Hrodna Oblast for years have been encountering dangers related to ecological disasters...


Project stories 8. Fighting for children’s life

Arseny and his family live in Lahišyn, a small urban village in Pinsk district...


Project of the week - CBCentres

The CBCentres project is focused on cultural traditions preservation and cultivation in the involved areas, but as a result, will lead also to tourism development.


Project of the week - RESCUE

“To the rescue. Improvement of accessibility to medical services in emergencies through the cooperation of emergency medical services in the cross-border area of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine” (acronym RESCUE) is a three-side project...


Project stories 7. Ivanka's bike

Ivanka’s first bike was built by her farther...


Project of the week - Coordination

The project entitled ”Effective coordination of rescue operation in the Ostrołęka-Siedlce subregion and Volyn Oblast” (acronym Coordination) is being implemented under the Thematic Objective SECURITY.


Project of the week - BugUnitesUs

River Bug and its surroundings are a natural treasure that unites three countries: Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.


Project stories - 6. Allies with autism

First, he often cried...


Project stories - 5. Tyzenhauz – the Great Architect of Hrodna and Sokółka

The story about this famous politician and statesman started in 18-th century...

18 11 / 2019

Project of the week - ImTraPBU

The project responds to the problems identified in the border regions of three countries, relating particularly low communication accessibility, poor quality of road infrastructure and inefficient transportation system.


Project stories - 4. Rossettes - nontraditional way of tradition

He’s always been enchanted by the beauty that surrounded him...

18 10 / 2019

Project of the week - PaNTHer

The PaNTHer project partners need to face the problem of poor technical condition of the infrastructure and its insufficient accessibility in the Przemyski Poviat (PL) and the Staryi Sambir.

30 09 / 2019

The investment within the LIP885 project has just started!

On 26th September 2019, we participated in the ceremony of commencing works within the Large Infrastructure Project LIP885


Project stories - 3. Carpathians - a common challenge

A clear May day tempted to wander.

20 09 / 2019

Project of the week - RUOK

The issue addressed by the RUOK project is the problem of ongoing demographic changes in Siedlce Region and Minsk Oblast.

02 09 / 2019

Project of the week - DOPC

The project “Development of partnership cooperation for improvement of road infrastructure located in the borderland of the Podlaskie Voivodship and the Grodno District” (acronym DOPC) is implemented within the Thematic Objective ACCESSIBILITY.

23 08 / 2019

Project of the week - FasterSafer

The project “Roads connecting the Polish and Ukrainian borders” (acronym FasterSafer) is implemented within the Thematic Objective ACCESSIBILITY.


Project stories - 2. White elephant of the Carpathians

There is always a story behind each PBU project. Sometimes these are the stories of people whose lives had been strongly influenced by the projects.

07 08 / 2019

Project of the week - KSICHER

The project “Improving cross-border environmental protection system in Księżpol Commune in Poland and in the city of Chervonograd in Ukraine - through the development of sewerage infrastructure” (acronym KSICHER) is implemented within the Thematic Objective HERITAGE.

06 08 / 2019

"500 kayaks" event in Drohiczyn

On the 3rd of August 2019 in Drohiczyn representatives of the Joint Technical Secretariat participated in the kayaking on the river Bug organized by the project "Bug unites us - creation of two cross-border touristic kayak trails" (acronym BugUnitesUs) chosen within the first Call for Proposals.