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"Stronger, Healthier - Together!" - Youth Education Campaign on the occasion of the EC Day 2023

It has already become a tradition that, with the arrival of spring, we invite you to participate in the Youth Education Campaign organised on the occasion of European Cooperation Day. Its past editions have attracted dozens of schools on both sides of the EU border and resulted in hundreds of international contacts and an immeasurable and priceless number of positive emotions and memories.

Modern civilisation has made our lives easier thanks to technological progress, but at the same time it has led to us moving less and less and often eating the wrong foods, which has a negative impact on our health. For these reasons, we want to devote this year's educational campaign to a healthy lifestyle: physical activity, healthy cuisine, living in harmony with the environment, so that, surrounded by the beautiful and clean nature of the Bug River valley, at the crossroads of cultures, we can return to what is original, basic, in harmony with nature.

The Youth Education Campaign "Stronger, Healthier - Together!" consists of spring competition preliminaries and the Final, organised after the holidays. It will be attended by the best teams from Poland and Ukraine. The finals will be held on 20th-23rd  September (reserve date 27th-30th September) in Drohiczyn, a picturesque valley of the Bug River in Podlaskie Voivodeship.

 Teams of four students aged 12-16 accompanied by their teachers are invited to participate. At the elimination stage, the following competition tasks should be completed:

  1. Record a dynamic, motivational, max. 2-minute video promoting physical activity (e.g. dance, sport or active tourism). It can be a story about your team, class or school. You should post it on social media adding the hashtag #ECDay and then send us the video file with a link to the post.
  2. Prepare a tasty and healthy dish, preferably using regional ingredients. Include the recipe for this dish and a photo of the finished dish.
  3. Create a poster promoting a healthy lifestyle using any technique by attaching a graphic file, scan or photo of the poster to the application form. Post it on social media adding the hashtag #ECDay and then send us a scan, photo or graphic file of it with a link to the post.

The deadline for completing tasks and submitting entries is 15th June this year. Attractive prizes and unforgettable experiences await all participants in the Final!

Please see the appendices for further details:
General rules
Application form PL
Application form UA
Evaluation grid
Consent to processing of personal data (children)

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