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We invite you to participate in the Forum of Journalists

26 / 11 / 2019
Category: Programme News

Since 2010 we have been trying to integrate local and regional media from the Programme area. In the previous edition of the Programme (2007-2013), we organized four forums for journalists - in Lviv, Kamianiuki, Pinsk and Zhovkva. All of them were very popular and resulted in many interesting publications about the projects and the Programme in various media. That is why we are returning to this initiative and the current edition of the Programme.

This year, as part of the Cross-Border Academy of Development, on 16-18 December we invite journalists to the Forum in Lutsk.

Projects implemented under the Programme 2014-2020 have something to boast about. We will present their first effects to the Forum participants. Meetings with promoters of selected projects and with the authorities of the Volyn District and study visits to several Volyn projects will be the first opportunity for participants to obtain information and contacts for the needs of their future publications and broadcasts. During the Forum, we will also create a platform for the exchange of views among journalists from three Programme countries. We, as the Programme, will want to learn from the participants how to better reach the Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian media with information about our projects. There will also be some surprises. We will announce two competitions with attractive prizes.

We are interested in the participation of journalists who have the opportunity to publish articles, programmes and materials on cross-border cooperation in our Programme in the media covering the Programme area.

To register for the Forum, please fill in the registration form (registration closed). Online registration is open from 25 November to 6 December 2019.
The agenda is available here.



Participants can take advantage of the following free services: accommodation for 2 nights, transport by bus/minibus to Lutsk and back, catering.

Languages of the forum: Polish, Ukrainian, Russian (we provide translation).

Sending the form is not tantamount to accepting participation in the Forum. The qualification will be determined by the order of applications, but it also depends on ensuring the equal participation of media representatives from all three countries and regions of the Programme area. After the verification of applications, all those who submitted the form will receive a separate e-mail with information about their eligibility to participate in the Forum.

If you have any questions about the Forum, please send them to

The Forum is financed from EU sources and participation in it is free of charge.

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