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PBU medical projects in the fight against the pandemic

16 / 10 / 2020
Category: Programme News

As we have already informed on our website, we are trying to adapt the rules of the Programme implementation to the pandemic situation in order to facilitate the implementation of the projects as much as possible. This applies in particular to 13 medical projects implemented under the Programme. Thanks to them the Programme actively participates in the fight against the pandemic.

We have not only facilitated the introduction of appropriate changes to increase their impact in these demanding conditions, but also allocated an additional 3 M EUR for the medical projects to fight against the pandemic directly.

They were used by the following project beneficiaries:

PBU1/0041/16 – EpidSafe
Regional Specialist Hospital in Biała Podlaska
Brest Regional Hospital

PBU1/0063/16 - DcbCforAutism
Association for Assistance to Autistic Children and Youth and the Youth and Children of the related disorders “COMMON WORLD”
Education Department of the Leninsky District Administration of the City of Brest

PBU1/0067/16 – RUOK
Mazowieckie Voivodeship Hospital in Siedlce Ltd.           
Minsk Regional Clinical Maternity House

PBU1/0142/16 - Rescue              
Independent Public Health Care Centre in Tomaszów Lubelski
Independent Public Health Care Centre in Hrubieszów
The Health Care Facility “Zhabinka Central District Hospital”
Sokal District Council

PBU1/0217/16 – BEC
Step by Step Association for Help to Disabled Children
Public Organization Association of Disabled Children, Their Parents and Friends “Dawn of Hope”

PBU1/0266/16 - OncoUrology
Autonomous Public Health Maintenance Organisation Jędrzej Śniadecki Voivodship Polyclinical Hospital in Białystok
Hrodna University Hospital

PBU1/0268/16 - CardioMed
Autonomous Public Health Maintenance Organisation Jędrzej Śniadecki Voivodship Polyclinical Hospital in Białystok
Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital

PBU1/0326/16 - MHCPFO
Dr. Ludwik Rydygier Voivodeship Hospital in Suwałki     
Hrodna City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Care

PBU1/0358/16 -  HealthyCities
City of Krosno
Executive Committee of Uzhhorod City Council
Fund of Transborder Cooperation Development                             

PBU1/376/16 - HCS
The Józef Psarski Mazowieckie Specialist Hospital in Ostrołęka
Communal Noncomercial Enterprise of Lviv Regional Council Lviv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital “OHMATDYT”

PBU1/0668/16 - HealthontheborderPLUA
Independent Public Healthcare Centre in Ustrzyki Dolne
Municipal non-profit enterprise of Starosambir district council "Starosambir central district hospital”

PBU1/766/16 - BAMS
Healthcare Institution “Brest Regional Pediatric Hospital”
Independent Public Health Care Centre in Łosice             


Additional funds were allocated to the purchase of a huge amount of equipment and accessories to help the above-mentioned units, i.a. in diagnosing coronavirus patients, caring for them or saving their lives.

Out of 3 MEUR, the projects have purchased, among others:

  • respirators,
  • professional R- series defibrillator (support of the work of heart and lung function),
  • modular intensive care units with ventilation module
  • video bronchoscope,
  • oxygen humidifiers,
  • ECG devices,
  • resuscitator AMBU,
  • cardio monitors,
  • laryngoscope sets,
  • pulse oximeters,
  • sterilizers,
  • mobile bactericidal irradiators,
  • hospital beds and anti-bedsore mattress,
  • diagnostic tests,
  • as well as disinfectants and personal protection and other equipment and accessories needed to improve the functioning of medical facilities in the pandemic situation.

Thanks to additional funds, a video spot was also produced to get acquainted children with the skills needed during the pandemic.

We know how our projects are important for the inhabitants of the Programme area. During the pandemic, additionally we saw the special importance of actions taken by the medical projects. We would like to thank all employees involved in their implementation, for their readiness to even more intense work and effort, and often risking their own and loved ones' lives. And this is where we want to give voice to them - the partners of medical projects talk about their work and cooperation in these difficult times in the movie that we have prepared together with them for you.

We invite you to watch.

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