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Project of the week - TwoTowers

04 / 02 / 2021
Category: Project News

The project "New life of the old city: revitalization of monuments of the historical and cultural heritage of Lutsk and Lublin" (acronym TwoTowers) is implemented within the Thematic Objective HERITAGE. The Lead Beneficiary of the project is the Executive Committee of Lutsk City Council (UA), whereas the Municipality of Lublin (PL) is a partner.

More about project you can find in the Projects tab on our webpage.

A year and a half ago, we already presented TwoTowers project in our Project of the week cycle. Then some of the soft activities in the project were implemented, including an impressive event "Festival of Legends" organized in Lublin (Poland), that attracted many participants and huge attention in the media.
A lot has happened in the project since then, thus we present it for the second time as the Project of the week.

Recently the project has been in its most active phase. The prolongation of the project, besides extra time for its implementation, has given both beneficiaries more enthusiasm to transform ancient memorials in Lutsk and Lublin into must-see objects. Last year in Lutsk has been dedicated mostly to the restoration works of the Czartoryski Tower with a defensive wall and the Jesuits Monastery. They are completed in about 70%, but for the majority of locals who got used to those ancient remains as ruins, the result exceeds all the expectations. This conclusion has been provoked by active discussion over the project and its results in media and social networks.
Fortunately, the most complicated works have already been accomplished. Thanks to them there is no leaking sewerage, wet wall in the underground cells, terrible stucco on them, cracked all over masonry, bent down a piece of the ancient defensive wall. Instead, now there are the snow-white facades of the monastery, a fantastic new roof for the tower, the defensive wall solid just like 500 years ago, amazing fences, smooth paths all around, charming lamps on slender poles and green zones, lots of them, scattered along with the whole complex, neat and well-groomed.
A real sensation all over Ukraine became an occasional discovery of unknown underground cells under the Czartoryski tower. Over 170 m2 of new rooms is being now investigated by archaeologists and after their final conclusion, it will be added to already restored once, thus increasing the impact of the project.

For the last few months, the project team in Lutsk has been preparing tenders for the future Museum-workshop of chivalry and medieval times. The idea is to develop and install a media system that will allow to fulfil various scenarios in the underground cells creating a special mystical atmosphere that would keep visitors astonished every second spent in the medieval underground rooms.
The major obstacle that makes project beneficiaries worry about fulfilling all of the project’s assumptions are pandemic restrictions. Luckily so far it has had rather slight affect on the project, but it caused postponing the second edition of the "Festival of Legends" in Lublin and there is no certainty if it will be possible to hold the event this year.
We keep our fingers crossed for the whole project’s success and eagerly wait for its event in Lublin, particularly as we know that the new incredible street show "Trypillia legends" has been created and awaits to be performed for spectators.
Once the date of the event is known, we will inform about it on our website and now we encourage you to visit Lutsk to see the Czartoryski tower.


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