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Winners of the second edition of the movie contest

10 / 06 / 2021
Category: Programme News

The second edition of the movie contest "Following the PBU projects" has come to an end. We invited to this competition everyone who wanted to show the results of our projects in films. It was enough to choose a project, go to the place of its implementation and record a short film. Now, it is time to announce the results.

We decided not to award all the prizes because some movies, although professional and interesting, did not relate to our projects.

According to the jury, the best films that met the competition criteria are:

From Poland:
1st place: Paweł Wołoszyn with a film about the PLUARoztocze project

From Belarus
1st place: Andreas Soltan with a film about the BERESTOVITSA project

2nd place: Andrey Dubinko with a film about the WeightComplex project

From Ukraine
1st place: Lubomyr Kravets with a film about the Bio-reserve project

2nd place: Pavlo Soluk with a film about the MountainTaste project

The winners will receive sets of attractive gadgets of the Programme, which will make your holiday moments more pleasant. According to the rules of the competition, the value of the prizes is about 130 EUR for 1st place and about 90 EUR for 2nd place.

Winners will be contacted individually to make arrangements for the delivery of prizes.

We would like to thank all Participants and congratulate the winners!

We cordially invite all interested in film competitions to participate in the third edition, which will be announced on the Programme's website in July.

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