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Ceremonial opening of the Tyzenhauz tenement house

02 / 09 / 2021
Category: Project News

On 25th August, we had the pleasure to participate in the ceremonial opening of the renovated Antoni Tyzenhauz tenement house in Sokółka.

The official opening was a very important moment for the TYZENHAUZ project implemented jointly by the authorities of Hrodna and Sokółka cities. As part of the project, an exhibition and conference room was created as well as space for conducting thematic workshops. Workshops devoted to handicrafts, ceramics graphics and weaving are already planned, but created space will be used for many other purposes.

Thanks to that PBU project, a Tourist Information Center in Sokółka was also set up, where tourists can get information not only about Antoni Tyzenhauz and his legacy, but other attractions of Sokółka Poviat, and even rent a bike to actively explore the cross-border bicycle route – the ‘Tyzenhauz Trail’ and rest on the ‘Tyzenhauz bench’ created within PBU project.

The figure of Antoni Tyzenhauz officially connects Sokółka and Hrodna. This is the moment we have been waiting for a long time. This was my dream, which has just become a reality

- said the mayor of Sokółka, Ewa Kulikowska.

The implementation of the TYZENHAUZ project breathed new life and spirit into the restored tenement house, where from now on, cultural, educational and tourist life can flourish. We invite everyone to visit the house at Piłsudskiego 1 street in Sokółka.

More about the TYZENHAUZ project can be found here.
One of our Project stories was also devoted to that project and can be read here.


Tyzenhauz project

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