Projects invited to the second stage of the 1st Call for Proposals within Heritage and Security

22 / 03 / 2017
Category: Programme News

Following the decisions taken during two meetings of the Project Selection Committee 334 lead beneficiaries of projects submitted within the thematic objective Heritage and Security received invitation to submit Full Application Form (FAF). Please find the list of all these projects (Heritage and Security) as well as full statistics regarding concept notes submitted within the 1st Call for Proposals.

In order to assist beneficiaries in preparing FAF of high quality, the JTS will organise trainings as well as will provide individual consultations in the Programme regions. In the meantime, we encourage to refer to the Evaluation and Assessment Manual as a helpful tool and practical guidance for all beneficiaries on how to prepare FAF and gain high scoring.

Please follow our website for details on forthcoming events, new schedule of calls for proposals and additional documents and instructions.