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Project of the week - BCPmonitoring

27 / 05 / 2019
Category: Project News

The project “Operation visual monitoring of Border Crossing Points” (acronym BCPmonitoring) is implemented within Thematic Objective: BORDERS and engages in cooperation Polish and Ukrainian Border Protection Units (please find the list of beneficiaries in the project card attached). The Administration of the state Border Guard Service of Ukraine acts as a Lead Beneficiary. 

The overall objective of the BCPmonitoring is to create a modern system of information exchange and to improve the interaction between the border agencies of Ukraine and Poland, to ensure a reliable border protection. For that purpose several activities will be carried out by the  project partners – starting from the equipment purchase, through common trainings, to establishing more effective procedures of border management. Border Protection Units  (details in the project card below).

The implementation of BCPmonitoring project started on 20th August 2018. The contracts for supplies and services were signed and first part of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) were delivered to Lviv and Lutsk Border Guard Detachments (BGD) and next four will be transferred to Mostyka BGD at the end of May. To properly use UAV surveillance equipment appropriate training for the personnel were held. In the end of April 2019  border guards were trained in Lutsk. They had opportunity to  gain new knowledge and a chance to acquire practical skills of operating the UAV. Recently, similar training in Lviv was also held After completed exercises, the Lviv BGD received four UAV which will be used on the most Polish- Ukrainian border.

According to the Grant Contract, the project BCPmonitoring shall end on 19th  August 2020.

project card


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