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Project of the week - EPIDSAFE

13 / 06 / 2019
Category: Project News

The project “Improvement of epidemiological safety at the Polish-Belarusian border area” (acronym EPIDSAFE) is implemented within the Thematic Objective SECURITY. The Lead Beneficiary of the project is the Regional Specialist Hospital in Biała Podlaska (PL), and the project partner is Brest Regional Hospital (BY).

The idea behind the EPIDSAFE project is to ensure the epidemiological safety of residents of the Polish-Belarusian cross-border area. In the Programme area an increased number of infectious incidences can be observed and there are no common preventive solutions and medical available units which could be prepared for an immediate reaction in case of a danger. Due to the possibility of spreading diseases along the border (large streams of travellers) and to meet unforeseen epidemiological challenges, the hospitals in the area must become the epidemiological filters. They shall be adequately equipped and have well trained staff.

The implementation of the project started on 1st March 2019. The Lead Beneficiary hospital in Biała Podlaska  managed to conclude the crucial part of its activities – in the end of April, the specialized medical equipment for a complete system of diagnosis and treatment of patients was delivered to the hospital. Among many others, the following crucial medical items were purchased: non-invasive liver examination device, real-time PCR system, and II class microbiological safety laminar chamber. –On the other side of the border, Brest Regional Hospital has released a tender for the supply of specialized medical equipment. It is expected to be provided soon. Following the completion of the equipment delivery, partners will launch the promotional campaign aimed at raising public awareness of the threat of the hepatitis C. Residents of Polish-Belarusian border regions are encouraged to take advantage of screening for early detection of HCV, planned within the project.

According to the grant contract, the project EPIDSAFE will be implemented till 28th February 2021.

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