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Information on 3rd Call for Proposals (micro-projects)

23 / 10 / 2019
Category: Programme News

Please be kindly informed that the 3rd Call for Proposals for projects with small budget will be opened from 15 November 2019 till 15 January 2020. It will be complementary call for micro-projects under Thematic Objective HERITAGE. EU co-financing will be dedicated to non-investment actions supporting cross-border cooperation  activities, e.g. events related to culture, art, sport, education, promotion of history and natural heritage and all kind of similar events supporting cross-border cooperation.  At the same time, please be informed that the Joint Technical Secretariat and its Branch Offices do not give individual consultations till the announcement of the call for proposals.

Assessment deadline

The expected deadline for project assessment is 2nd quarter 2020.

Place and method of applications’ submission

Application Form shall be submitted only in electronic form, in accordance with the instructions for filling-in in applications, which will be attached to the application package.

As in the 2nd Call for Proposals, projects will be selected in a one-step procedure. Lead Beneficiaries will submit application forms, assessed before the final decision on granting.

Who can submit applications and for what purpose, project selection criteria

The third call will be organized only in both priorities of the Thematic objective HERITAGE:

Priority 1.1 – Promotion of local culture and history

Priority 1.2 – Promotion and preservation of natural heritage.

All detailed information on the rules and requirements of the Call are described in the Programme Manual, that is available here.

Programme Manual presents general information on the Programme, formal requirements to be fulfilled by the Beneficiaries and the submitted applications, assessment criteria, eligibility of costs, as well as some questions related to project implementation.

Folder contains the following documents:

Programme Manual

  • Annex 1 – Application Form
  • Annex 2 – Budget for the project
  • Annex 3 – Metodology of administrative costs calculation
  • Annex 4 – Application Form Administrative & Eligibility and Quality Assesment grid
  • Annex 5a – Specific procurement rules for Polish beneficiaries
  • Annex 5b – Specific procurement rules for Belarusian and Ukrainian  beneficiaries

Project selection criteria are described in the Evaluation and Assessment Manual, which is available here.

Application Pack was approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee on 22nd October, 2019.

English version of the documents is binding, nevertheless working translations into Polish, Russian and Ukrainian will be published in the nearest future.

Programme co-financing of projects

The amount of funding for one micro-project may range from EUR 20 000 to 60 000. The maximum level of co-financing is 90% of the eligible costs of the project.

Call allocation

The value of funds available under the call amounts at least EUR 1 224 000.

Other important information

Full Application Pack will be available on the Programme website on the day of the opening of the Call. Please read all documents carefully before you start working on the Application Form.

During the Call, the Joint Technical Secretariat will support Beneficiaries in preparation of Application Forms by:

- providing information on the Programme website,

- on-line trainings,

- consultations.

All specific information on planned support for Beneficiaries will be published on the Programme website, so please check it regularly.  

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