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PBU communication workshop for beneficiaries of the 2nd CfP

04 / 11 / 2019
Category: Programme News

We cordially invite beneficiaries of the 2nd Call for Proposals to attend our communication workshop organized in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. It will be a hands-on training helping project staff responsible for information and promotion to use communication as a mean to success.

How can we promote our project? How to write catchy, simple texts? What is the info-promo report for? These are not questions with difficult answers. You will get to know all these and many other answers during our one-day communication workshop.

Workshops will be held in the following locations:


  • Lublin, 21st November 2019, Focus Hotel Premium Lublin, 1Podzamcze Str. 

The agenda is available here
It will be conducted in Polish language only.
On-line registration is open from 4th till 12th November 2019


  • Hrodna 12th November 2019, hotel “Tourist”, 63 Yanka Kupala avenue 

The agenda is available here.
It will be conducted in Russian language only.
On-line registration is open from 4th till 8th November 2019

Besides, you will get information about the new procedure of National approval and registration of projects in Belarus in course of the training in Belarus.


  • Lviv, 22nd November 2019, Hotel "Lviv", 7 Chornovola bvr. 

The agenda is available here
It will be conducted in Ukrainian language only.
On-line registration will be open from 4th till 15th November 2019


Please be informed that the number of participants from one organization is limited to 1 person.


Sending the form is not tantamount to acceptance for training. After the verification of applications, each participant will receive a separate e-mail with confirmation of admission to the training.

All trainings organized by the JTS are financed from the EU sources and the participation is free of charge. 


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