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Application forms generator for PBU3

26 / 11 / 2019
Category: Programme News

The e-application (generator) is an obligatory tool to create the final application form. It gives the possibility to put all the relevant information into the application form.
The generator installer is available for downloading from the individual Lead Beneficiary account. This account is necessary for the submission application forms to the Joint Technical Secretariat and must be created on the Programme website:

Instruction on how to create this account is available here.

The instruction of use the generator is available here. The instructions in national languages will follow shortly on the Programme website. The generator is not connected to the database of applications forms in the Joint Technical Secretariat in any way. This is an off-line tool, working locally on the user's computer. Please be reminded that there might be updates of the e-application, so before finalising and printing out the Application Form, it is necessary to make sure you are using the newest version of the e-application! Also be aware, that for proper functioning of the generator it is not allowed to fill in several application forms simultaneously!

Before submitting your application forms to the Joint Technical Secretariat through the individual account mentioned above you need to finalise application form and check if the document has the individual checksum (in the PDF file).

In case of any problems with the e-application, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Andrzej Świerbut: tel. +48 22 378 31 38

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