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“Europe of Families”

23 / 11 / 2019
Category: Programme News

On 7-8th November we took part in the international conference titled “Europe of Families”. The event was co-organized by the Center of European Projects and the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University as a part of the series of events devoted to the 15th anniversary of Poland's accession to the European Union. It was the meeting of representatives of the countries implementing cross-border cooperation programmes jointly with Poland as well as beneficiaries of these programmes and scientists.

As a part of the event, there were discussion panels focused on problems of the family and its contemporary changes in the cultural, social and economic aspects. We presented the achievements of projects, concerning various issues of the social policy, which have been implemented under the Programme. We also conducted the discussion panel "Socio-economic and health situation of families in Europe" with participation of, among others, the beneficiaries of our two projects. Mrs. Anna Chwałek, representing the DcbCforAutism project, raised the topic of the necessity of increasing the safety of people with autism and their families. She emphasized that thanks to the project, the quality of life of its recipients would be improved and the prevention of theirs marginalization, which is so burdensome for them, would be more effective.

In turn, Fr. Leszek Przybylski representing the MichaelandYouth project talked about educational centers of work with the youth, which will be created in Miejsce Piastowe (PL) and Skole (UA) thanks to the project. The facilities will serve the Polish and Ukrainian youth to organize meetings, workshops and activities related to the region's culture, history and identity. This whole thing is to restore youth's interest in common cultural and historical heritage.

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