Final event of the CBC school competition «Let’s Preserve the Cultural Heritage Together!» within ECDay-2017 took place in Hrodna oblast, Belarus

28 / 09 / 2017
Category: Programme News

Final event of the CBC school competition «Let’s Preserve the Cultural Heritage Together!» took place on 19-21 September in the town of Ozery of Hrodna oblast, Belarus. The students from three neighboring countries Poland, Belarus and Ukraine met in Ozery to take part in the cross-border school event. The event was devoted to the European Cooperation Day-2017, which is traditionally celebrated over the Europe.

The cross-border school competition was opened in March 2017, at the end of May 2017 the jury selected the best teams from each country to participate in the Final event. The main goal of the event was to contribute to educational and cultural integration of children and youth from the border regions.

At last on 19-21 September more than 70 pupils from 18 neighbouring cross-border schools met in Ozery.

For participation in the final competitions 8 cross-border teams were formed, each consisting of children from the three countries, which contributed to faster integration of children.

In course of competitions, the teams passed over 10 stations and demonstrated the best skills: communicative, sports, intellectual. The second important part of the Final was the popular intellectual game "Brainbattle", which enabled the finalists to check their knowledge about neighbours, learn numerous facts about common culture and history and the children were taught to cooperate and deal with the matters together.

The high point of the event became a cross-border dancing flashmob, which was presented by all students and which ended with a starting of balls of blue and golden colours symbolizing the EU flag in the sky!

At the closing ceremony all the teams and all the participants were awarded with memorable prizes and diplomas. The integration evening confirmed that there are no barriers and no borders as far as is concerned the children!

The Final event became a super venue for youth, gave a possibility to show and express themselves, to have fun and find new friends in the neighboring countries.

On the third day, a tour around the city of Hrodna was organized for the students and their teachers.

Video of the Final event you can see here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/843359965719306/