Trainings for Information Points of the European Funds in Eastern Poland

12 / 12 / 2017
Category: Programme News

The Rzeszów Branch Office has recently organized a series of trainings in Eastern Poland for employees of the Information Points of the European Funds network and representatives of marshal offices dealing with applicants. The dedicated trainings were conducted in Białystok, Ostrołęka, Siedlce and Lublin.

The trainings included not only detailed information about the Programme, its eligible area, thematic objectives, potential applicants and beneficiaries, available allocation, partnership rules, co-financing, etc., but also a preview of the call for projects with small budget, planned for autumn 2018. The meetings were also an opportunity to discuss trainings intended directly for potential applicants that will take place next year and to plan joint informational and promotional activities of the Programme in Eastern Poland.

Thanks to such trainings, potential beneficiaries in Eastern Poland will gain wider access to information about the Programme and the principles of the upcoming 2nd call for proposals.  Information Points of the European Funds operate in all voivodeship cities and major urban centers. Their addresses can be found here: https://www.funduszeeuropejskie.gov.pl/en/site/learn-more-about-european-funds/locate-the-information-point/


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