The first grant contracts of the Programme 2014-2020 signed

05 / 01 / 2018
Category: Programme News

In Rzeszów and Białystok, the first six grant contracts which will be implemented within the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Programme 2014-2020 were signed. All projects were awarded under the thematic objective Heritage.

The first three grant contracts were signed in Rzeszów, on 21st December 2017. In the name of the Managing Authority, the contract was signed by Adam Hamryszczak, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Economic Development. The following three grant contracts were signed on 3rd January 2018 in Białystok.

The mentioned projects are as follows:

  • „Nature without Borders – Maintaining a Common Natural Heritage in Dobromyl (Ukraine) and Zagorz (Poland) Communes”

The aim of the project is to protect the resources of cross-border natural heritage – basin of the San river as well as to improve the use of the Carpathians natural heritage border areas and to develop the tourist offer with the principle of sustainable development. A sewage treatment plant  and system will be built in Dobromyl (Ukraine) as well as almost a 30 km sewage system will be constructed in the Commune of Zagórz. The project, where the lead beneficiary is the Commune of Zagórz and its partner is the City Council of Dobromyl, was awarded with the grant of 2,2 MEUR.

  • „Protecting the Solina Lake and Schodnica’s Sources of Healing Waters – a Common Challenge and Opportunity to Maintain and Exploit the Potential of the Natural Heritage”

Under this project, where the lead beneficiary is the Solina Commune and the Ukrainian partner is the Schidnica City Council, thanks to the co-financing of over 1,7 MEUR, two sewage treatment plants will be built in Schidnica as well as a sewage system in three localities in the Solina Commune. The partners will also conduct a series of trainings and workshops to raise environmental awareness among residents and tourists.

  • “Starting Centers of Work with the Youth in Miejsce Piastowe and Skole – Cultural and Historical Heritage of Rzeszów-Lviv region as the Foundation of Educational Value of Fr. Bronisław Markiewicz”

The aim of the project, awarded with the grant of 2,36 MEUR, is to improve the use of the cultural potential and historical heritage of the border areas and youth education. The lead beneficiary is the Mother House of Congregation of St Michael the Archangel and its Ukrainian partner is the Roman Catholic Parish in Skole. The Culture and Heritage Center “Michael” will be constructed and equipped in Miejsce Piastowe as well as the History and Heritage Center in Skole. Activities such as youth workshops and conferences are also foreseen.

  • „Bug Unites Us – Creation of Two Cross-Border Touristic Kayak Trails”

The project will be implemented in a tri-partnership, where the lead beneficiary is the Drohiczyn Commune, a partner from Ukraine is the Sokal District Council and from Belarus - the Department of Education, Sport and Tourism of the Drogichin District Executive Committee. The project, whose co-financing reaches 1,28 MEUR, bases on leading 800 km long new kayaking trails on the Bug river, marking and equipping them out with the necessary tourist infrastructures. Centers of tourism will be created in three countries as well as promotional events will be organized, i.a. a kayaking trip.

  • „Tyzenhauz Trail – Creation of a Tourist Route to Promote Cultural and Historical Heritage of Two Cities: Sokolka and Grodno”

Thanks to the co-financing of 1,92 MEUR, two historic buildings of cultural purposes will be renovated and equipped in Sokółka and Grodno. A cross-border tourist trail "Tyzenhauz Trail" Sokółka-Grodno will also be created and marked out, and a Polish-Belarussian strategy for the development of cross-border tourism will be conceived. The lead beneficiary of the project is the Sokółka Commune and its partners from Belarus are the Department of Education, Sport and Tourism of the Grodno Executive Committee and the Grodno Department of social organization "National Tourist and Sports Association".

  • „Cross-border Centers for Dialogue of Cultures Poland-Belarus-Ukraine”

The main objective of the project, which received the co-financing equal to 2,35 MEUR, is the promotion of cultural and ethnic diversity of the regions of Szczuczyn in Poland, Shchuchyn in Belarus and Kovel in Ukraine. For this purpose, three cross-border centers of cultural dialogue will be established, which will deal with the organization of events promoting a common borderland culture and a tourism development strategy will be conceived in the border areas of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. The project will be implemented by partners from three countries: the Commune of Szczuczyn from Poland, the Executive Committee of the Kovel City Council from Ukraine and the Department of Education, Sport and Tourism of the Shchuchyn District Executive Committee from Belarus.

In the near future, further grant contracts under the thematic objective Heritage will be signed in Lublin.


The first contracts signed