Results of Educational Campaign for schools!

10 / 05 / 2018
Category: Programme News

We would like to thank all schools, which submitted their applications within our Educational Campaign. According to our rules, only 24 teams can participate in the Final Award Event. All other children are invited to join us at the celebrations of our 15th anniversary (plase folow the news on our web-site).

We congratulate our winners!


       1. Primary School No. 1 named after Tadeusz Kościuszko in Białobrzegi (Podkarpackie voivodeship)
       2. Primary School No. 47 in Białystok (Podlaskie voivodeship )
       3. Primary School No. 3 in Mielec (Podkarpackie voivodeship)
       4. Primary School named after Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Telatyn (Lublin voivodeship )
       5. Primary School named after Captain Wacław Nycz in Sonin (Podkarpackie voivodeship)
       6. Primary School in Choroszcz (Podlaskie voivodeship )
       7. Private Primary School of St. Cyril and Methodius in Bialystok (Podlaskie voivodeship)
       8. Primary School named after Nicolaus Copernicus in Wiszniów (Lublin voivodeship)


  1. Gymnasium of Khojniki (Homiel oblast);
  2. Gymnasium of Beloozersk (Brest oblast);
  3. Secondary school No 18 of Brest (Brest oblast);
  4. Center for Creativity of Children and Youth of Pinsk District (Brest oblast);
  5. Zhemchuzhnenskaya secondary school of Baranovichi district (Brest oblast);
  6. Secondary school No 2 of Skidel (Hrodna oblast);
  7. Gymnasium No 4 of Hrodna (Hrodna oblast);
  8. Gymnasium No 1 of Novogrudok (Hronda oblast).


      1.Rivne Secondary School No. 1 named after Volodymyr Korolenko (Rivne oblast)
      2. Kosiv secondary school of І-ІІІ degrees №2 (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast)
      3. Yamnytsya Lyceum (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast)
      4. Drohobych secondary school of І-ІІІ degrees №10 (Lviv oblast)
      5. Novyy Rozdil Secondary School No. I-III №5 (Lviv oblast)
      6. Lutsk Educational Complex"Gymnasium № 14 named after Vasyl Sukhomlynskyy" (Volyn oblast)
      7. Zbarazh Raion Communal Centre of Creativity for Children and Youth (Ternopil oblast)
      8. Secondary school of І-ІІІ degrees - gymnasium of Shatsk (Volyn oblast).