“Orły Wprost” prizes for the personalities of the Programme.

13 / 09 / 2018
Category: Programme News

On 10th September, the prestigious “Orły Wprost”  prizes were handed during the Gala in Rzeszów. These prizes are awarded to companies, local governments, outstanding personalities of the region and cross-border projects for a special contribution to the development of the economy and the country. This year, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Programme, for the second time we have thanked people who have significantly contributed to raising living conditions in border regions, as well as to bringing together three nations.

Mr Władysław Ortyl and Mr Oleksandr Hanuszczyn, both related to the Programme for many years, received the statuettes from Leszek Buller, Director of the Center of European Projects.

Mr Władysław Ortyl, the Marshal of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, also as the member of the Joint Monitoring Committee, has been related to the Programme since its first edition. He is particularly involved in the development of cooperation between Poland and Ukraine. He actively supports activities for the EU strategy for the Carpathians, which he considers to be Europe's great potential.

Mr Oleksandr Hanuszczyn is the chairman of the Lviv Regional Council, the representative of the most active region on the Ukrainian side when it comes to building cross-border relations. At the same time, he is the President of the Association of Local Governments - "Euroregion Karpaty-Ukraina". From the beginning of his tenure, he has been particularly involved in establishing and developing cooperation in the Carpathian region.

"People from different countries are starting to cooperate with each other, they can travel hundreds of kilometers to meet, work things out, write an application and implement a project. The PBU Programme is a platform that makes it easier to find a partner for the project." the director of the Center of European Projects summarized 15 years of cooperation between Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.


We would like to congratulate all those awarded.


The report from the Gala will be published in the 17th September „Wprost” edition.



Orły Wprost Rzeszów 2018