Survey on the organization of the 2nd Call for Proposals in the Programme

20 / 12 / 2018
Category: Programme News

In order to constantly improve the quality of our support for the recipients of the Programme, in November this year we asked applicants of the second call for proposals to complete an electronic survey. The questionnaire included 27 questions regarding the evaluation of organization of the call and the actions we have taken to help applicants build cross-border partnerships and prepare good proposals.

172 applicants completed surveys sharing their observations and opinions with us. Below we present the main conclusions from the study.


- in 94% assessed the Programme documents published on the website as helpful, while appreciating their quality, transparency and substantive content,

- in almost 60% gave good opinion on functioning of the offline generator,

- very well assessed the organization of trainings and information meetings, both in the field of transferred knowledge and logistics (about 80%),

- better, in comparison to other known to them calls, they assessed the organization of the second call for proposals in our Programme,

- almost all participants of the survey (95%) confirmed their readiness to submit an application via an online generator in the future.

Thank you to everyone who shared their opinions with us. We are pleased with the positive reception of our work and the organization of the call. All observations from the surveys will be taken into account while organizing our next activities and planning the future Programme.