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Project of the week - MichaelandYouth

06 / 03 / 2019
Category: Project News

Project Starting centers of work with the youth in Miejsce Piastowe and Skole - cultural and historical heritage of Rzeszow-Lviv region as the foundation of educational values of Fr. Bronislaw Markiewicz, acronym MichaelandYouth, was selected in the first call for proposals, within Thematic Objective​​ HERITAGE. The Lead Beneficiary of the project is the Mother House of Congregation of St Michael the Archangel in Miejsce Piastowe in Poland, and a partner - the Roman Catholic Parish in Skole in Ukraine.

The aim of the MichaelandYouth project is to improve and fully use the potential of the local cultural and historical heritage of border areas of the Krosno poviat and Skole region in the field of personal development and youth education through work and cultural activities. The implementation of the project will give an opportunity to organize theatrical, photographical workshops and to develop the iconography skills - so exceptional for the Polish-Ukrainian borderland.

As part of the joint activities of both partners, educational centers of work with young people will be created in Miejsce Piastowe and Skole. The facilities will serve Polish and Ukrainian youth for organizing meetings, workshops and activities related to the culture, history and identity of the region. Conference, theater and spectacle hall will be  available for them. Joint activities planned in the project are focused on improving  integration of borderland residents in a spirit of dialogue and cooperation, reducing of prejudices and breaking stereotypes.

The expected effect of the project is to restore the interest of young people in the cultural and historical heritage both in the material and spiritual dimensions.

The project has been implemented since 1 of October 2018. Polish lead beneficiary has signed an agreement  with the company responsible for construction works and with external supervisor of the investment. The construction works of the Cultural and Heritage Center "Michael" is underway in Miejsce Piastowe. The works are carried out as planned, the reinforcement and laid foundations have already been made. On the 7th of December 2018, the Ukrainian partner received national permission to implement the project and  it was also registered in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. Currently, the technical documentation is being adjusted to the construction works which shall begin in April.

The project shall last 24 months.

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