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Project of the week - SOUTHWAY

16 / 04 / 2019
Category: Project News

Project „Cross-border partnership - a chance for regional development”, acronym SOUTHWAY, is implemented under the Thematic Objective Accessibility. The lead beneficiary is Powiat Bieszczadzki (PL), the project partner is the Turka Raion Council (UA).

The economic analyses of the Bieszczady potential and consequently, the assumptions of the “Program for Bieszczady” show that the driving force of this region development will be tourism. Bieszczady are supposed to have a recreational function and be the so called green lungs of the Podkarpackie Region. Two major 'tourist hubs' are now operating in this region: Solina Lake and High Bieszczady. Its basic problem is poor accessibility of the Bieszczady Poviat on the Polish side and the Turka Raion on the Ukrainian side. This state is conditioned by an insufficient level of communication network development, and above all, poor state of the roads. The main objective of the project is to increase the accessibility of border areas of the Bieszczady Poviat and to create such opportunities for the Turka Raion. As a result of the activities implemented under the project, the growing development of tourism in previously inaccessible areas will be possible, which in turn should contribute to strengthening the regional economy, development of small and medium enterprises and improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants.

A brief description of the project assumptions can be found in the pdf file below.

Design work began in July 2018. Until the end of last year, The Bieszczady Poviat has rebuilt the most damaged sections of poviat roads (Smolnik-Zatwarnica, Czarna-Michniowiec, Ustianowa-Daszowka-Czarna, Wankowa-Dzwiniacz-Brzegi Dolne, Olszanica-Ropienka-Wojtkowa, Rozpucie-Ropienka, Rakowa-Stankowa-Ropienka), altogether 12,62 km, which is 81.31% of the entire planned investment. Currently, the tender procedure to select the contractor for the modernization of remaining sections of the Bieszczady roads (2.90 km) is in progress. This year, the joint cooperation strategy along with the feasibility studies for investments on the Ukrainian side and designs for tourist routes in Ukraine will be developed under the project.

According to the grand contract, the project should be completed by 3rd January 2020.

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